Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Magazines

Here are some great free magazines that you can sign up for. These really do come; just ask my mailman!

Martha Stewart Living- one year subscription
Forbes- one year subscription
Working Mother- two year subscription
Garden Design- one year subscription
Bridal Guide- one free issue
body + soul- one year subscription

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a month!

I am so happy to be writing this post. After a less than thrilling past month and a half, I am happy to say that I am back and ready to continue my mission of helping my readers find ways to make living in a not-so-frugal world a lot easier.

I am so thankful and appreciative for all of the wonderful emails I have gotten over the past 6 weeks. I was blown away by the show of concern during my absence and want to thank everyone for bringing some sunshine into my life each day. As some of you know, I became very sick the end of November and was pretty much useless to everyone around here. I finally had enough and ended up at the hospital with a whopping case of pneumonia. That pretty much sucked the life out of me for weeks where I was lucky if I got off the couch, let alone do anything else. I started feeling a little better, but overdid it and had a bit of a relapse. It wasn't until after New Years until I started feeling human again. Then my daughter had to be hospitalized for 4 days, but is home now and doing well. Now that I have gotten caught up on things around here, I am finally able to resume my work here.

I am working on getting everything together and will have a new post for everyone on Friday with some great freebies. I am also planning a few giveaways to be rolled out very soon, as well as another feature to my blog. Stay tuned for more!

Here are a few freebies to get you ready for Friday...

Parents Magazine- 24 FREE issues

Cruising World Magazine- 18 FREE issues

Body Eclipse Aromatherapy Shampoo- Free sample from Meditasto

Cream of Wheat- FREE sample

Thank you again to all of my fantastic readers for your kindness and support. I hope that I can continue to help find ways to stretch your budget and have fun too!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Earn Cash Back While Shopping Online

With the holiday shopping season kicking off on Black Friday and the economy on everyone's mind, we really need to get the most for our money. There is an awesome site, Ebates, where you can earn up to 25% Cash Back when shopping your favorite stores online. Not only can you earn cash back when shopping through Ebates, you also have access to coupon codes and special offers that you can use to save even more. You can even purchase gift cards. Check out the list of over 1000 stores and just think of the money you can save!

Ebates has plenty of great offers to choose from, but one of the easiest is the Sign-Up Bonus. Sign up with Ebates now and we'll each get a $5 bonus when you make your first purchase! Easy money you make shopping for the items you need.

With all of the craziness of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, many people like to do their shopping online to avoid the crowds and save on gas money. With cash back through Ebates, now you have one more reason to stay home and shop in your pajamas.

More Black Friday Ads

As we get closer to Black Friday, the ads and secret deals just keep rolling in. Black Friday Ads is a great source of up-to-date information about all of the sales and secret, unadvertised items. Be sure to visit Black Friday Ads for complete listings.

Here are some of the recent updates:

Best Buy listing has 2 sections; one for online and in-store items and one for in-store specials only.

Amazon is running their sales all week, calling it Black Fri-DAILY.

One of my favorite gifts I have ever received, my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer, is at a great price and rebate at Amazon. Check out info about the rebate and sale here.

If you are one of the many who is hoping to score a laptop on sale, check out Black Friday Ads' Laptop Buying Guide. They also have guides available for HDTVs, GPS, Game Consoles, and Top 10 Video Games.

The One Dollar Give

The One Dollar Give

I am so excited to share with you this fantastic campaign that I am participating in this holiday season, The One Dollar Give. Tara from DealSeekingMom and Mandi from Doodles Place have teamed up and launched the site and campaign, One Dollar Give.

Each day in December, a new charity will be featured and a link posted to their donation page. The idea is for you to set aside $1 each day to donate to the featured charity. It may not seem like one dollar could make a difference, but strength in numbers is a powerful thing. When we work together toward a common goal, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

For more information on The One Dollar Give, check out What is The $1 Give? and What Can $1 Do?.

To help spread the word, there is a giveaway with some great prizes. This giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, November 30th so make sure to enter.

$25 Starbucks Gift Card
Elmo Live Doll
Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker
EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

I hope you can join me in The One Dollar Give and see how with $1 a day, you can make a difference.