Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Advisory Panels- Updated

If you are like me, you enjoy trying new products and having your opinions heard. Companies like to hear from consumers about their products, whether it be positive or negative. This is our chance to help influence the kind of products we want to see. Many companies form panels where the public can register to receive products samples and surveys. They want our opinions which helps give them an idea what kind of products would be successful. There are many different Consumer Advisory Panels out there, but here is a listing of a few. Most of these I am a part of and have really enjoyed.

Mills Advisory Panel

Pssst... General Mills

Vocalpoint Proctor & Gamble


Kashi Kashi Taste Tester Panel

Thank you to Bargain Briana for sending me the following panels...

Kraft First Taste

Right@Home Testing/ Discussion Panel



HouseParty Check out Briana's Canon HouseParty. I was recently chosen for a Better Homes & Garden Cookie Exchange House Party and just received my box of goodies today. More to come on my HouseParty soon...

If you know of any other good consumer panels, please send me a message and I will give you credit for the tip.

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