Friday, November 21, 2008

TerraCycle- Great Update

After my two posts about TerraCycle and their efforts here and here, I have been in contact with two great people from the company. They were kind enough to send me information on a few of their products, perfect for this time of year.

They have a program running with Home Depot where you can purchase stockings (2-pk) and tree shirts made from recycled wrappers and juice pouches- perfect for the holiday season. This takes "Cookies for Santa" to a whole new level! Check out the cool TerraCycle holiday items at Home Depot.

They also have an Eco-friendly Fire Log, which comes in a 4 pack and is available at Target. Check out this great info from TerraCycle...
In keeping with TerraCycle tradition, the Fire Starters and Logs are made from post-consumer waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Because wax-coated cardboard is unsuitable for traditional recycling, it is typically destined for landfills after just one use. TerraCycle’s new Eco-Friendly Fire Log and Fire Starter combat this terrible loss of resources and give these materials new life. TerraCycle uses discarded wax cardboard from old milk and juice cartons, as well as shipping boxes of all kinds, to make the all-natural Fire Log. With it’s recycled paper package, the log can be lit with one match, burns for around three hours, and produces very little ash and smoke! Not only does Fire Log provide a more eco-friendly alternative but provides a higher quality product as well!

Here is TerraCycle’s new Eco-Friendly Fire Log in action

Also, I am working on something special with my contacts at TerraCycle and hope to have some exciting news in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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